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Archers Of Westfield

We stock a wide range of  other products, such as.....


Of the many products we have become well known for, one of the most popular is without doubt our sausages. 

Our Traditional sausages have been hand made, to the  same recipe for over 77 years, and are as popular now

as they have ever been. We also do a slight variation to the Traditional, which is our Spicy sausage. It contains

extra pepper and sage for those who like a stronger taste. On top of these we make a wide range of flavours such as.....

and many, many more. the list seems to grow by the month. We are also willing to listen to suggestions of what

you would like our flavours to include, the possibilities are endless.



Mostly reared on the Romney Marsh, our Lamb represents the best quality you are likely to find anywhere. With so many different cuts,

we are able to cater for every requirement. On a daily basis we can offer.....

with enough notice we can also supply, Crown Roast, Guard of Honour, Saddle of Lamb and several stuffed joints. One of the

most popular being our Cushion of Lamb, which is a boned whole or half shoulder, stuffed with Apple Apricot and Ginger stuffing.

This makes an exellent, easy to carve roasting joint.


Prime English beef is always in demand, and here it is no different. This is why we only sell the best quality beef we can.

Well matured and carefully prepared, we are confident that our beef will satisfy everyone.

and many joints such as.....


We can also take special orders for things such as, Ox Liver, Ox Heart, Oven Busters, Jacobs Ladder, Ox Tail, 2nd grade Beef Mince (extra fat) and many things not listed. Although not always in stock, we do sometimes

sell beef reared in the Brede Valley, which is always very popular and sells out very quickly. If you dont want to miss out, keep an eye on our News page to find out when it will next be available.


Our Chicken is the only thing  we have to buy in from further afield. However this does not stop it being a good quality product.

Our Barn Reared Chickens are reared to the highest standards the RSPCA have set, which means excellent levels of animal

welfare, and product quality are achieved. Free Range Chicken is also reared to the highest quality possible which is very important

to us and our customers. We now also sell Free Range Chicken reared in Hailsham.

In the counter you can expect to find.....




We can also cut Chicken quarters and half chickens, as well as boneless thighs, suffed chicken breast parcels ets....

Our Boneless Turkey Breast joint always prove popular as a simple rosting joint, and we can also take orders for Turkey Legs, Crowns and whole birds.

We sell fresh Ducks and Duck Breasts every week, and often have Duck Legs. When in season we also sell Wild Duck.



Game season is eagerly anticipated by many of our customers who like the strong rich flavour that game meat gives. All of our

game is shot on local farms and estates, and is delivered to us in perfect condition by our game dealer. The game that we

sell includes.....

When Venison and Wild Boar is in stock, we will usualy have Venison with Red Wine and Wild Boar with Apple sausages as well.

If ordered in time, we can also supply Quail, Grouse, Hare and several other game birds.


Our Bacon counter has almost all the bacon you could possibly want. The most popular is our own dry Home Cured

bacon which is dry cured in the shop. On top of this we have.....


You are spoilt for choice on our Deli counter, we have up to 30 different cheeses to sample and choose from, and this list seems to keep on growing.

 We always have Cheddar on sale, in Mild, Medium, Mature and Extra Mature. As well as these we do lots of

speciality cheeses including.....


The Deli is also full of cooked meats, of which the Cooked Gammon (green & smoked) Cooked Shoulder, Knuckles, Turkey, Beef, Pork and Brawn are all cooked in the shop. there is also.....



We also cook fresh bread every morning, White and Brown loaves, French Sticks (large & small) and small cheese sticks.






























Pork is something that can be very hard to get right. Finding a good balance between lean meat and fat can change the taste and

appearance of a joint dramatically. This is why we select our suppliers of pork very carefully, and we are confident our pork will satisfy everyone.

Our Free Range Pork cuts include.....

We can also cater for anyone wanting whole pigs for Hog Roasts.